100+ VCs Investing in the Baltics  [2024 UPDATE]

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Baltic VC Investment Trends 2023

Recent years have witnessed a growing ecosystem activity in the three Baltic countries. Estonia takes the lead with the largest number of startups (1,400+) and the highest number of funded startups per capita in Europe, according to the State of European Tech 2023. Estonia is followed by Lithuania (1,100+) and Latvia (600+).

Estonia is also among the TOP 3 countries that have captured the biggest gains of their relative share of European funding (2018-2020 versus 2021-2023). That said, Lithuania is demonstrating leaps of progress, and reported a 7.1x growth in ecosystem value between 2018 and 2023, becoming one of the fastest growing region in the Baltics and CEE. Lithuania was also one of three countries in Europe to have recorded a year-on-year increase in total capital invested in 2023.

Over the last six months of 2023, 23 Lithuanian startups raised €262 million, 38 Estonian startups — €243.5 million, and 19 Latvian startups — €34.7 million. Importantly, growth investors are back after a year of hesitation and smaller rounds. Nine growth rounds delivered 5 times more capital in H2 2023 compared to H1 2023, rising to over half a billion. Source.

In the Baltic nations, the leading industries receiving the highest amounts of venture capital in 2023 were Energy, Enterprise Software and Transportation.

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