How to find your ideal customers and accelerate sales?

Superangel was excited to host Antti Aalto, the co-founder of React & Share, a content improvement software at our Insights webinar. Antti has successfully implemented B2B sales growth principles described in famous Mark Roberge’s book “Sales Acceleration Formula” and expanded from Finland to the UK. Today they have a predictable sales model and have doubled their MRR within a year.

In the session we discussed:

  • How to find ideal customers in a crowded market?
  • How to understand which customers are not suitable for your business?
  • How to set up a sales team in the UK?
  • What should every startup learn and implement from Mark Roberge’s book “Sales Acceleration Formula”?

Insights that we found interesting from the session

  • Churn is a lagging indicator for PMF. Find an indicator that works better and is specific for your business, e.g. number of seats occupied or messages sent
  • Choosing to switch from long-term contracts to inital shorter contracts allowed React&Share understand, which clients are ideal for them and find PMF faster
  • You can start accelerating sales when you understand your who is and is not your customer
  • There’s a great difference between hiring the 1st and 5th sales person
  • Test the coachability of the sales person during the interview process
  • Prefer individuals who have previously shown great grit and resilience, i.e. has an athlete mindset
  • Let sales people create their own action plan based on their target salary and reverse engineer from there
  • If sales team cannot get hold of a lead, send your marketing team at them instead