How to Best Network at Online Events

For sales people the ocean of online webinars can be a nightmare. So many events but no way to network and get new contacts. In this Superangel Insights we were thrilled to have Piia Sander from Messente to share her experiences how she has solved that challenge.

You’ll find answers to the most burning questions, including:

  • How to select the events that are actually relevant to sales?
  • How to prepare for online events?
  • How to approach people?
  • How to follow-up?
  • What not to do?

Our key takeaways are shared below.

  • Choose events that match your Ideal Customer Profile profile
  • Choose events with enough participants that your sales team can handle the preparation work and the meetings
  • At the event approach people in a more casual, chatty way – less ’emaily’ and more LinkedIn style. Mention the value to them by explaining why you’re approaching.
  • The focus needs to be on “YOU” and how I can help you. And by YOU, we mean your customer!
  • Use the Sales Navigator at LinkedIn as a due diligence opportunity and homework tool to find out about for latest activity – learn the company’s news and latest insights
  • Keep the focus of the call on listening to the client
  • Set up a timeline when you’re getting back to them for a higher chance of reply
  • Attendee lists are usually public on social media. Use that for prospecting and sending out a LinkedIn message
  • Don’t start talking about yourself and not asking questions

Piia Sander works as a business development manager for Messente Communications, a global smart messaging gateway. Prior to Messente, she worked for over 7 years as a sales manager for Äripäev. With years of experience in active sales, sales management and coaching, Piia has the theoretical know-how and the practice to back it up.