How to Skip Your Backyard and Launch in Big Markets?

We’re excited to host Meeri Rebane in the Superangel Insights session on ‘How to Skip Your Backyard and Launch in Big Markets’. Meeri is the CEO of INZMO, the #1 insurance startup to keep an eye on in 2021 according to Business Insider.

Find answers to questions like:

  • How to enter major markets?
  • Why did they as an Estonian startup choose Germany as their first market?
  • How did they enter German market without speaking any German?
  • How to find key employees in a new market?

“Startup founders have to think about the next fundraising every day. To do that, you need to think what kind of traction gets you there.”

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  • Entering a small market successfully might take more effort than entering a big one. And next round investors don’t care much about successes in small (home) markets
  • The most important people in new markets are aggressive salespeople. Everything else you can do yourself
  • Hire senior guys. They are motivated to work in a startup as they want to make their mark in the industry
  • Launch a market where your valuable clients already are – it gives you credit and increases traction / interest.
  • Big clients give you a big opportunity but it also takes a lot of time. It may mean your startup can die 3x during the period. Think – are you financially ready to survive long deals?
  • Founders are like psychologists and providers who need to keep the employees motivated and help them do their job
  • Find ways how to incentivise corporate partners so that they are willing to open up their client portfolio for you

Thanks Meeri for a great discussion! Best of luck achieving your 10M€ revenue goal for 2021!