Jaan joins superangel

We are thrilled to have Jaan Kokk join our team as an Analyst! He’s a much awaited addition to the team, helping us scale our portfolio management and investment processes – much needed after 44 investments and a new fund!

Jaan has previously worked in finance for companies like Swedbank, Certific, kood/jõhvi, and many others. Although he’s very much a numbers person, he’d like his superpower to be “spaghetti coming out of his finger tips”. Oh well… But then again, who wouldn’t love pasta?!

Everybody, meet Jaan

I am a financial advisor with a knack for turning numbers into magic. With a background in both tech start-ups and traditional finance, I have a unique ability to understand the financial implications of even the most futuristic decisions. I have built entire financial reporting systems from scratch, helped secure bank financing, raise rounds, sell enterprises, and sort out a bunch of other financial challenges. But don’t let my financial prowess fool you, I have a sense of humour and great experience in product development and digital sales funnels.

So Jaan, why Superangel? And make sure to sugarcoat 😉

I wanted to be part of a team with a great attitude who could turn numbers into actual gold. And Superangel fit the bill perfectly!

They’ve built a super-network of connections that would make even Tony Stark jealous. With that they don’t just help start-ups, they also help founders and the team grow as well, bringing in personal leadership and business coaches. It’s like having your own personal superhero squad ready to come to the rescue when needed. And the best part, they have skin in the game, so when the start-ups succeed, we all win! Sign me up!

A skater boy, you say?

If I am not behind a laptop, you will most likely find me on a skateboard roaming about somewhere on the streets of Tallinn.

What book/podcast do you most frequently recommend to friends and family and why?

As of late that would be “Switch – How to change things when change is hard”. It provides practical strategies for overcoming resistance and successfully implementing change in both personal and organizational contexts. If you are operating in an environment of constant change and a lot of uncertainty then the book is definitely a good read – hint-hint founders.

Onwards, Jaan!